Trading Desks

PressCompOpen back-to-back Bench Design trading desk with continuous desk-to-desk, double sided, cable/equipment trough. Hinged panel in leg provides access to under-floor power and data cables. Continuous cable drop at rear of each of the two desk positions incorporates hinged lid for data and power connection access.



Hedge Fund Desk with veneered cherry top surfaces on mobile 3-drawer file pedestals. Hinged cable management access detail eliminates the need to crawl under the desk for power and date connections.


A highly cost-effective Financial Trading Desk designed to accommodate four screens on a single level for line-of-sight between traders, or up to eight screens in a dual level configuration.  Continuous cable management trough connects data and power between desks, while rift oak end panels and cabinetry add a luxurious accent. Client: Braver Stern



Back-to-back Trading Desks configured in a sweeping curved configuration, support multiple screens. Leg space is maximized by positioning CPUs at the rear of the desk behind a hinged aluminum screen. End panels and bumper edge of desk are accented in the corporate color purple. Client: Execution



Circular Currency Trading Desk value engineered and constructed as pie-shaped modules for economy. Dimensions are based on technology arrays and required number of trader positions. Personal storage peninsulas radiate out from the desk to provide additional workspace and separation between traders. Center of the round desk configuration houses support technology, accessed through a removable “man hole” cover. Client: Transforex


Workstation configured Hedge Fund Desk with storage/file cabinet return and acoustic privacy panels. Cherry veneer end panel provides cost-effective, wood accent to economical laminate desk construction. Client: Highland Financial